When you think of the word priceless, what comes to mind?

Precious gems



All good choices but what about women?

Aren’t women are our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters and much more? Here’s a challenge – try putting a price on what your mother means to you.

God made women to complement us, love us, support us, and accompany us. But most importantly, God made women to bring new life into the world and that defines priceless, as far as I’m concerned.

Men Don’t See Women As Priceless in Today’s World

Our culture is making it easier and easier for us to see women as possessions and objects of desire. As a result, it’s a near certainty that every man you and I have ever met struggles with the temptation to objectify women. To change our culture we must, one man at a time, stop giving in to a society that dehumanizes women.

The next time temptation grabs a hold of you and causes you to see a woman as someone other than a child of God, someone’s daughter, sister, wife, or mother – think of For King and Country’s, Priceless. Bookmark this post or go to YouTube and add the video to your favorites. You can also buy the MP3.

It’s beautiful, uplifting and a great lesson on how all men should see women.

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