It’s not easy to trust the Lord.

A lot of the time I feel like our dialogues are really monologues. I’m thanking, praising, asking for others, and for myself. Thank you Lord for my family, my home, the parish you led us to, our school, our teachers, our priests and deacons. Lord, I praise you because you made all things and you make all things new. Lord, help my friend who is sick. Strengthen him and heal him. Lord, help me love you and others more.

Then I’m waiting, and waiting and waiting…

I don’t feel more loving today. In fact, I feel the opposite. Everyone go away and leave me alone. Lord, I’m struggling even more with discipline and self-control. I can’t stop snacking. I’m staying up too late at night.

Through Faith We Trust The Lord

Some give up because their prayers aren’t answered. Others turn away because they can’t accept that God called a loved one home. Still others seek out different churches because they don’t feel a personal relationship with Jesus. I may have turned away here and there but I trust the Lord and I’m not giving up.

I Will Trust in You by Lauren Daigle captures what perseverance is all about. God answers in his own time and his own way. He calls us to accept his will and his plans for us. He gives us the gift of faith if we are open to receive it. Keep the faith, trust the Lord and I promise good things will come.


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