St. Joseph – Always Giving a Little Extra

In high school, my gym teacher told me something that has stayed with me all these years…

“Do what you’re asked to do – and a little extra.”

Easier said than done in our fast-paced, move from one task to the next world. I’ve followed his advice many times and I’ve not followed it many times as well. I’ve done a little extra for a customer and had it completely backfire on me, too. Still I haven’t forgotten what he told me.

Perhaps I discovered the source of his advice while listening to Catholic Answers Live Podcast last week. I believe it was a Answers Minute commercial during the broadcast where Father Vincent Serpa discussed St. Joseph, the father of . He said St. Joseph was obedient to the laws of Moses, even though God himself was living under his roof. He also said St. Joseph, along with our Blessed Mother, brought Jesus to the temple to be presented to the Lord, as was the custom for every first-born male child. He didn’t need to do this either because Jesus was not born into sin, did not need mortification, nor the renewal of holiness that circumcision brings.

St. Joseph set an example for us by doing a little extra to insure Jesus could  fulfill, “a pledge of his future perfect obedience to the whole law, in the midst of sufferings and temptations, even unto death for us.” Surely we can all try to give that little extra to show God we love Him and our neighbor.

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Thanks to Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary for the quote.


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