Sugar’s Secret Hiding Places

In 42 years of eating stuff, I’ve learned a simple yet inconvenient truth. Sugar hides in the places I’d least expect. Because of this, decisions I think are good end up being ill-advised. Here’s two food decisions I’ve made over the past couple weeks, thinking I was doing the right thing. I was convinced I […]

One Year to Glory – January 9, 10, and 11

Welcome. I promise this batching of posts will not continue. I’m just going through a little something right now. It’s a low state of mind that comes from indecision and a lack of self confidence. I’ve always wanted by spiritual growth to happen faster than God intends to so every once in a while I […]

One Year to Glory – January 7th and 8th

Two days worth of thoughts and events. Resuming my daily workouts has also resulted in resuming a lack of sleep. That can’t continue for long. Falling asleep in the living room while trying to read a book is not fun. That’s why I didn’t bother to write last night. Imagine falling asleep while trying to write a post. […]

Life With and Without Adderrall

Part of my quest to live a healthier lifestyle has involved reducing the amount of chemical assistance I provide my body each day. A few months ago I was taking an anti-inflammatory drug for my bruised kneecap, ibuprofen when needed for pain, my daily high blood pressure pill and two daily doses of amphetamine (generic […]